Meet The Team

The Team

It's not just about taking pretty pictures on your special day, but it's also about have a team that can do it professionally. Our job is make you look amazing and with great planning and execution, clients can trust that we will deliver.

Ron & Cledia

Meet Ron

Ron's creative career started as a young artist who first wanted to become a fine art painter. During his development as an artist, he picked up the camera and fell in love.

It was during this period Ron decided to join the U.Sa. Air Force and was sent to school to become a Still Photographic Specialist. It was the art background, military training, and experience that helped Ron develop his unique artful editorial photography style.

In 1997, Ron began a career in commercial photography shooting food and product for companies such as General Mills, Pillsbury, and Clorox. Now Ron Essex Photography is bringing his creative vision and professionalism to the Greater Bay Area and beyond.